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July 30, 2020

5 Things Hurting Your Online Business

#1 – Out of Date Website

Keeping your website up-to-date is a must. I know we all try to do a lot on our own as new business owners, new yoga teachers, or new studio owners, but if you can’t update your website almost daily on your own, then you need to look at hiring someone who can help! However, this is not always an option. If you are going to oversee your own website, make sure you know exactly what you are doing when updating it. I have used most website operators: GoDaddy, SquareSpace, WordPress, and Showit. These platforms all advertise themselves as user-friendly and easy to manage, but it can still take up to 2 hours sometimes to do a simple update in order to make sure that it’s optimized for both desktop and mobile. You also have to check for errors or inconsistencies. Updating your website can be time consuming and eat away at time better spent elsewhere. Also, in this world of online business, it’s really important to have a website that is beautiful, pristine, and up-to-date. It’s just like when you walk into a yoga studio – you want the yoga studio to be welcoming, clean, airy, and fresh. That’s how you want your website to be viewed.

#2 – Inconsistent Branding

It is crucial to create your own brand from the very beginning. Branding encompasses your overall visualization, graphic design, and wording. Solidify your font. Decide on four different colors that you will always use and get those specific color codes. Create not just a logo, but different logo sizes and variations. Have a logo for your brand image, whether it’s just the logo or a stacked logo, an in-line logo, your business name with the logo, and your business name without the logo. Consistent branding allows you to show up and have recognition. If you continually use different fonts, colors, logos, or looks, then you break trust with your clients. It doesn’t have to be built out like Starbucks, but your branding does need to use consistent methods. 

#3 – Difficult Accessibility 

Your online offerings should be one to two clicks away from someone who is interested in working with you or taking your class. If you use the link in bio make sure it is always updated. Instagram can sometimes deactivate your link so it is worth checking a few times a day. 

#4 – Lack of Response 

People can respond to you in so many different ways: email, phone, text, WhatsApp, Instagram messenger, DMs, Facebook messenger, and website inquiry. Create admin time every day to comb through all of those places where someone can reach out to you. Give them a response within 24 to 48 hours. If you don’t respond in a timely manner (or at all), it’s going to seem like you don’t care about them, you don’t want to work with them, you don’t like what they’re asking, or you are not organized enough in this business. It eliminates trust when you don’t respond within the 24-48 hour window. If you don’t know the answer, all you need to do is say, “I got your email/message/inquiry and I will respond soon.” After that initial response, leave it in your inbox, flag it, and ensure that you get back to them. 

#5 – Not Showing Up

If you commit to doing something or partner with someone, show up. Even if it scares you. This absolutely applies to the online world as well. Show up on your Instagram stories. Show up on Facebook. Show up on Twitter. Whatever your favorite platform is – just show up. Even if it’s not perfect. Be authentic and be yourself. It can be simple but show up daily

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