priscilla luckhurst

"Everyone reserves the right to start over, to renew, to begin again. Learn from the past and jump in."

Priscilla is a force to be reckoned with in the world of health and wellness. Throughout her career, Priscilla has developed winning strategies that have led to remarkable achievements, such as managing large yoga studios with profits exceeding $1,000,000, initiating a yoga studio rebrand and re-org that turned a debt-ridden business into one generating over $1,500,000 in revenue within two years, and presenting educational and leadership programs to audiences of 100+ people. Priscilla has also been hired to be the Project Manager and lead Consultant for early stage business that went from idea, ground-up construction, to launch day with hundreds of new clients.

Meet Priscilla, a passionate Business Consultant with an impressive track record of success in the Yoga and Fitness industry. 

Bachelor of Arts in Sociology

Master of Science in Finance Candidate
Master of Business Administration - MBA Candidate

Adept at managing complex projects, Priscilla has successfully led the migration of over 700 members to a new software platform for a yoga studio's membership program and directed teams ranging from 5 to 50 people towards achieving their goals. Priscilla has also provided high-level consulting services to businesses that have gone on to earn seven figures annually, demonstrating a keen ability to work with key stakeholders across Marketing, Finance, Technology, and Legal professionals.

Currently pursuing a double degree in Finance and MBA at the University of San Diego, Priscilla holds the position of MBA Cohort Representative, guiding a group of 45 graduate business students through effective communication with USD faculty and fellow colleagues.

From November 2022 to February 2023, Priscilla participated in the CFA Institute Research Challenge, leading a team of four to analyze Realty Income, an S&P 500 company. They completed the challenge with a 2nd place win after presenting a data-driven analysis and 10-minute report to Fortune 500 CEOs.

With a background in working alongside small business founders to develop strategy, improve operations, and provide top-tier consulting services, Priscilla has a keen interest in venture capital, angel investing, and early stage business development. Through hands-on experience with both start-ups and established businesses, Priscilla has honed the skills required to make a meaningful impact in today's competitive business landscape.