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Feeling overwhelmed with creating an online teacher training?

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little time!

You have so much helpful information to offer your community! The idea of hosting an online teacher training sound intriguing but also daunting! Even the first step of selecting your hosting platform gives you a headache. There are hundreds of tasks and many hours that go into launching an online training. If you're not sure of the correct steps, a task that could take you 10 minutes takes over an hour! You don't have that time to waist. Here's more info about how I can help you...



Image waking up to 100's of people enrolled in your techer training!

Starting an online TT in 2021 can mark the beginning of an exciting journey. With online education increasing every year, online courses are offering an easy and inclusive way for everyone to learn how to teach and an opportunity to invest in knowledge.

feel relieved by having a "how to" map created for you!



more timet to spend in other parts of your business


made to order training that incorporates all of your dreams!

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I will build out your ONLINE or HYBRID teacher training! It can be as short as a 1-day HOW TO EXERCISE AT HOME course or as big as a
500- Hour Registered Yoga
Teacher Training!

a look inside what you'll receive

My Team of Expert Strategists, Curriculum Developers, Copywriters, and Web Developers Will Become YOUR
Course Creation Team... 

"If you are looking for a someone with clear expectations, precise timelines, and training support. Priscilla has you covered! We totally appreciated the experience from start to finish. Her positive vibes and motivational energy was so appreciated!" - Laura, owner vibe yoga

#1 strategy

3 part course creation package:

In the Strategy phase, we will focus on your specific offerings so you stand out in the crowded online space. This includes a series of 1:1 meetings to listen to your goals.

set up

You will receive complete technical setup of your course the hosting platform and input your content. I will implement your entire course outline.

#3 sales support

I will give you my proven tips and tricks that have yielded my previous clients over six figures in revenue from their online courses!

meet your consultant

It brings me joy to see others succeed! I have helped thousands of wellness professionals achieve their goals and gain financial success! I have 10+ years of experience advising for small businesses including yoga studios, yoga teachers, fitness professionals, wellness professionals, and my very own tattoo shop! Yep! You read that right! My husband and I own a thriving tattoo shop in San Diego, CA. I have been creating and leading teacher training programs for 10 years and this past year have helped my clients make over $700,000 in revenue from their teacher training programs!

Now it's your turn!

hi! i'm priscilla!

Option #2 Best Value!
FULL Online Course Creation

Option #1
Only Consulting
$150 per hour

Do you feel confident in your teacher training set up strategy but need specific guidance or refining? I'm happy to help you excel!

I will create your teacher training from start to finish! Each course is different so please submit your details below to receive a quote. 

What is included in your three part service?

You will walk away with a transformational course outline that will guide your entire course creation journey (so it's easy to know which content to include, and what to leave out).

you may still have questions...

How long will this process take?

If you choose option #1 it is best to do weekly 1 hour consulting sessions until you have met your goal.

I'm nervous to invest so much into a consultant, how will I know if this is a good investment?

Before you sign a payment agreement we will review step-by-step actions I will take to help ensure your purchase has a strong return on investment.

Do you offer payment plans?

Absolutely! I understand the joys of being a small business owner and therefore can be flexible with payment plans.

What types of Teacher Trainings have you worked on Priscilla?

I have spent the past 10 years consulting, creating, and leading over 40 Teacher Trainings. They include Yoga, Pilates, Bootcamp, 

If I want to host a Yoga Teacher Training, will you help me get accredited by Yoga Alliance?

FOR SURE! I have a 100% success rate with Yoga Alliance submissions. I am extremely knowledgeable on what it takes to get verified as a "Registered Yoga School" by Yoga Alliance